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Easy Product Comparison Tables

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Start taking advantage of one of the biggest money making strategies for Amazon Affiliate sites. You’ll be surprised how quickly you are able to build product comparison tables with Tablezon.

Build high converting product comparison tables in a matter of minutes

Through years of experience with selling on Amazon, we’ve come to realize that product comparison tables are extremely high converting. They make the purchasing decision so easy for the visitor so that they are way more likely to click on over to Amazon and buy a product.

With product comparison tables converting so well, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to build them out.

Here’s what you get with Tablezon:

  • Creating tables is surprisingly easy
  • You will save time over building them the old fashion way
  • All the links in the tables are EasyAzon links, which means they can be cloaked and localized
  • You can easily customize the table to look the way you want

Start putting high converting tables all over your site. With how easy Tablezon makes building them, there’s no excuse to keep leaving money on the table!

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Tablezon Installation And Setup Instructions

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