EasyAzon Extension: Bestseller Azon

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A revolutionary new extension for EasyAzon that increases conversions using a powerful psychological tactic before visitors leave your site, and it’s NOT an exit pop-up.

Why you are losing money if you aren’t using BestSeller Azon

BestSeller Azon is a way to practically increase your Amazon Commissions overnight.

You can simply add a list of the best selling items on Amazon right to the bottom of your post. It’s as easy as:

  1. Searching for a product in EasyAzon Pro
  2. Selecting “Link to the search results page for ‘[Product]”
  3. Enter the details you’d like in the best seller section
  4. Hit enter
  5. Earn more Amazon commissions

If your visitors are reading your entire post but not clicking over to Amazon, then you are wasting potential money. Stop the loss with BestSeller Azon.

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BestSeller Azon Installation And Setup Instructions

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