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This Tool Will Build Your List Faster Than Anything Out There And Create A Huge Buzz Literally Overnight

Want to create an army of people scrambling desperately to promote your business everywhere they can, practically for free and within minutes? Well now you can.


You only have to look at TV as a great example of this. Watch commercials for some of the biggest brands in the world – they all run contests. They simply wouldn’t keep do it if they didn’t work.

But they do…

The Only Problem Is Getting Running a Great Contest Is a Major Pain

There are 3 main ways to do it, you could either…

1. Do It Yourself

Which means you’d have to:

1. Select the right prize that’ll whip people into a frenzy
2. Figure out a way to select the winner (draw out of a hat?)
3. Mess with complex coding and technology to set it all up
4. Invent rules for the contest, write them out and post them up
5. Pray it doesn’t all come crashing down on you

2. Hire A Developer

Which means you’d have to:

1. Pay out thousands of dollars
2. Wait a few weeks or more to get the system delivered
3. Test for bugs
4. Pray their solution keeps working when your contest are running

So you can manually conduct a conduct yourself or hire a developer to build you a software solution or you can…

3. Use Our Contest Boost WordPress Plugin

Contest Boost is a WordPress plugin that lets you run hugely profitable contests just like A-list bloggers, entrepreneurs and the biggest brands in the world.

Contest Boost works by giving each subscriber their own tracking link which they can share to enter your contest. They can post it to Facebook, share it in an email or Tweet it to their followers.

Anywhere really.

Then, if someone clicks their unique link and joins the contest too, they earn an additional entry into the contest, increasing their chances of winning.

And the same thing for the friend. If they share their link and bring people in, they also get extra entries.

This makes people go ballistic, sharing their link on all their social media profiles multiple times per day in the hopes of winning.

It’s like a virus. But a good one.

The Viral Power Of Contest Boost Will Explode Your List To Levels You Never Dreamed Possible

The best part is that Contest Boost handles all the link tracking and entry counting in real-time so you don’t have to do a thing. Also, the contest entrants can always see exactly how many emails subscribers they’ve sent you, with a personal page constantly updating their score to keep track like this…


The built-in Contest Boost algorithm automatically calculates each entrant’s referrals, adds these extra entries to their total score and picks the winner for you all on autopilot.

Here’s a real-world example for ya…

So let’s say Joe enters the contest, signs up with his email address, gets his unique link sent to him and then posts it to both Facebook and Twitter. 17 of his friends join the contest through his link so he automatically gets 171 entries into the contest (17 people x 10 entries + 1 entry of his own).

Then those 17 friends can go on and do the same thing potentially bringing dozens of new individuals to your email list. The number of entries given for each sign up is completely customizable too!

Fully Automated, Totally Fair, Uber-Simple and Incredibly Powerful

Everything inside Contest Boost just works. It’s simple, easy to use, intuitive and it gets out of your way so you can focus on running your contest and your business.

No coding, messing with databases, learning new stuff… nothing!


Quick initial set up. Up and running in under 5 minutes.

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Complete control over your contests and automatically pick winners

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Support for unlimited contests and reporting dashboard:

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Just install and it already works with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, email and everything else.

It also lets you create slick-looking contest pages in one click with no expensive graphic designer necessary.

It integrates with Aweber and Mailchimp with one click. And for the other email marketing platforms, you can just paste in their code and you’re done.

We made sure that Contest Boost works with all the major WordPress frameworks too such as Woo Themes, Genesis, Thesis, Headway, Organic Themes and more.

And best of all, you can use it on as many websites as you like (just like you can with any WordPress plugin)

Don’t Build Your List The Slow Way

Some people think that the best way to build a list is to do it ‘slow and steady’. To be patient, write posts, build traffic and guest blog for years. Well, sure, if you want to build your email list as slow as possible.

Why wait that long?

The results for Contest Boost have been stellar for nearly every niche it’s been used in so far.

So, if you’re trying to grow your list, then you need to run a contest and leapfrog everyone else in the ‘slow and steady’ lane.

PS: You don’t need a big budget for a contest, even a $50 Amazon gift card will work really well.

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