Require social action to see content

6 6 0 sites use Blurlock

Blurlock allows you to hide content behind blurred text that your visitors can unlock by performing a social sharing task such as pressing the Like button from Facebook.

How Blurlock Works:

Simply insert the short code around the content you want blurred and it will automatically bring up the call to action requesting the website visitor to Facebook like, Twitter retweet or Google +1 to gain access. You can hide anything behind Blurlock including written content, images, file downloads etc

When you just Like, Retweet Or +1 it Blurlock will spread your message to your social media followers and friends. You can see how powerful this is to help increase social engagement by requiring people to take an action in order to be rewarded with something.

This is a highly effective marketing tactic designed to dramatically improve your overall social engagements on your website. Now this is only one software based solution we’ve created to help drive more traffic to your website. If you’d like to get even more traffic, leads and customers on your WordPress powered website I encourage you to get access to the rest of our software.

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Blurlock Installation And Setup Instructions

Learn how to set up Blurlock here