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Better Links Is Free To Try At No Cost

Better Links is the free version of Better Links Pro. Better Links has a reduced feature set when compared to Better Links Pro (available with a BoostWP membership) but it’s still a great plugin especially to try out before considering to upgrade to the pro version.

Better Links is the core version of Better Links Pro. You must install Better Links in addition to Better Links Pro to unlock all of the functionality.

With Better Links you can:

  1. Create Better Links e.g. replaces
  2. Customize control of your links to open in new window and no follow on a site wide or individual basis
  3. Track click data on your links in 30 day and overall time increments to see which links are most popular
  4. Select 301, 302 or 307 redirect type for links on a site wide or individual basis
  5. Create links from within your post editor (saves time)
  6. and more

More features available with Better Links Pro:

  1. Create multi destination links that rotate equally so that you can split test link performance
  2. Create geographic link redirections so you can customize where visitors from around the globe go when they click your links
  3. Automatically replace keywords with the better links you create
  4. and more

Better Links helps you better manage and control the links you create within your WordPress powered website.

Better Links and Better Links Pro are available to all BoostWP paying customers. You need to install and activate both plugins to unlock the full functionality.

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Better Links Pro Installation And Setup Instructions

Learn how to set up Better Links Pro here

Note: The link above is for the installation and set up instructions for Better Links Pro. The initial set up is the same, but BoostWP customers have access to Better Links Pro which contains advanced linking options and functionality not present in Better Links.